Production Center

Sweater Factory(Dongguan)

Dongguan Global Champin Apparel Ltd., This company has more than 30-years’ experience on manufacturing sweater and nearly 300 employees on the product line. Location- Dongguan, China. They are in charge of cloth producing and supply chain management. They weave 2000 sweater every day for us

How we co-operate?

On our trip of seeking perfect material, we met Mr. Lee, the general manager of Global Champin. who worked on sweater industry for more than 40 years and had experienced vicissitude of different clothing. In this communication, we explained Kallspin’s purpose and earned his identity. He decided to give our enormous assistance in manufacturing, so we started the long-term cooperation from then.

How we produce?

As known, most of sweater are made of cashmere, merino wool, lambwool, cotton and acrylic. However, Mr. Lee tell us many famous brands sell the sweater attached a label said made of 100% cashmere with the price above 100 USD, but the truth is that they are not made of cashmere, which is the secret of high margin. After a long line of research, we created a very soft and price competitive material containing real cashmere. It is what our product made of.